Michaela Merz

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Something has happened

Photo_RGB_PC_48238.jpgPeople walking near parked cars on a street - PwCI went to the concert of Pharrell Williams. I was really enjoying it. His song “Happy” made me feel well. A few sounds and a voice and the world looked better. I took the car and had to back into a parking space on the right in a steep road. I never said that I am good at it but after so many years driving the car I developed a strategy how to park successfully despite the missing three-dimensional vision. Continue reading

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“Upside-down world“ or “The parking manoeuvre“

The best parking story happened to me 22 years ago in Winterthur:

I had an important doctor’s appointment. I was eight months pregnant and my belly was as huge like a drum. I just fitted behind the steering wheel of my red Mazda. On the back seat a hardly one year old – crying – baby. I was very late. Finally I see a free parking place. However an extremely tight parking place in a row of parking places. I think: Continue reading



Did you notice that parking places are getting narrower and narrower and at the same time cars bigger and bigger?

For job and family related reasons I often go by car during the week. I don’t have a bad conscience for my CO2 foot print because of it, as I otherwise try to be careful about natural resources. I sort, compost and grow my own vegetables.

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