How to grow old

I’ve read that people are not afraid of death, but of dying and actually it’s about the fear of the pain and the strangeness. It’s similar with getting older. I don’t think people are afraid of old age. Getting older brings a lot of positive things with it.

You know yourself and don’t have to prove anything to yourself or others (not everyone, but probably the majority). Experience allows you to make decisions that would not have been possible when you were younger, and the social network you have built up over the years is so strong that you can’t fall. Those who enjoy learning throughout their lives learn new things and keep up with the latest technological developments well into old age. Old age then brings with it some physical ailments and dwindling energy. For some, also limited mental flexibility. The fear of old age is more a fear of the negative consequences it brings.

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My aunt Oli

This year she was 70 years old. She is still full of energy, emotional and very possessive. She can laugh a lot and quarrel a lot, as she always did.

The only thing that has changed is her health. Now and again she feels pain, the illnesses occur more frequently and last longer. That’s old age.

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Technology and age

Klara is a retired maths teacher and she is only 2 years short of her 80th birthday. She is used to thinking logically and she has mastered the technological changes with flying colours. She learned how to use the internet, opened a Facebook account and observed what was happening in the web.

When she had to have a knee operation, she learned how to shop online and ordered her purchases to be sent to her home. That opened up for her great freedom and enabled her to take things easier when she was recovering.Read More »

My neighbour’s story

Our neighbour was an old lady, a veritable cat lover. She lived in an old wooden house with stag’s antlers over the entrance. She was an original and sometimes not nice at all. But when everything was in order, she could be very funny and tell exciting stories, which were so old that one could read about them in history books.

She had once been an opera singer and travelled the whole world, had seen and experienced a lot, had met many famous people of her time. Once she told me that when she had pain, and unfortunately that happened ever more frequently, she hated everybody, herself included. Read More »