Germany – Reverse Charge for some metal products as from 1 October 2014

PwC Global Brand  Industry: Downstream Refinery Construction Expansion Photo_RGB_Rep_0571_004.jpgIn order to fight against tax fraud there is a change of the tax liability for number of metal products as from 1 of October. Reverse charge is applicable for the products in the list below. Therefore it is of utmost importance to check all the incoming invoices for this type of products as incorrectly charged VAT by the supplier will be not credited by the tax authorities. In case of a VAT audit such input VAT will have to repay back with additional late payment interest as well as possible penalties.

Reverse Charge für Metallerzeugnisse

PwC Global Billing Conference – Brussels

107563-On 21 October 2014, PwC will be organising the sixth edition of our Global Billing Conference, which will be held in Brussels and provide a 360° view on invoicing. Building further on five successful editions of the event, PwC Belgium, PwC Netherlands and PwC Germany will join forces to boost the conference’s international renown and reach.Read More »

Fighting the tax fraud – Portugal/Spain – Exchange of tax information/Portugal/Espanha – Troca de informação fiscal

On 21 October 2013, Portugal and Spain signed agreements regarding the strengthening of mutual assistance and automatic exchange of information on tax matters. These aim at fighting tax fraud and evasion and the parallel economy. The signed agreements refer to several potential fraudulent situations, including:Read More »

An October Monday in Prague

Prague is a very vivid and pulsating city. There is a lot to see and, provided that one does not behave like a sterile tourist, there is also a lot to experience.

With my youngest one we went to visit the grandmother in Prague. After an exciting day with rambling, living sculptures, street musicians we just wanted to go home to stretch our legs. We went to the subway. The platform was full; we were in the afternoon rush-hour. The train arrives and the waiting mass moves in direction of the door. Read More »

USA – The Telephone Consumer Protection Act – change as from 16 of October 2013

On October 16, 2013 two laws will change. Cellular phones cannot be called from an auto dialing system without express written consent.
And  EBR Exemptions for Robocalling residential landlines no longer apply.  Even accidently breaking one of these rules – like calling a cell phone number without express written consent – Read More »

Tax Academy – tax in a new package

About the Tax Academy programme

We have prepared this special nine-day programme to help both our clients and own tax experts to easily understand fundamental principles, processes, current procedures and specific terminology in the field of Czech and international tax practices. The programme is focused on several main topics – it consists of five modules, Read More »

Italy – VAT rate increase to 22% postponed to 1 of October 2013

The Italian government decided to postpone the planned VAT rate increase from 21% to 22% from 1 July 2013 to 1 October 2013.