Nice one year on

728973_web_r_by_florentine_pixelio-deI have been fascinated by the history of Egypt since I was a child. Years ago I had booked a trip to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings with my then two young daughters. A month before we were due to leave many tourists in a travel group from Switzerland were shot in a targeted terrorist attack near the Hatschepsut Temple.Read More »

Being visitor in the USA

Every now and then I am visiting the USA. Looked at from the outside, there are clichés, which should be buried.

Americans are fat

No, there are not! Sure there are places where there are more overweight people but during my last trips to San Francisco, Boston and New York this was not the case. I really had to make an effort to see at least a few of them. Read More »

Fateful seconds in Nice

Nice is a wonderful place, filled with life, wind, sun, sea and traffic. Cars are everywhere and traffic rules either are little known or little respected. People park everywhere, even if its forbidden and it seems that nobody cares. The road users are calm. The pedestrians hardly ever wait until it is green Read More »