The year 2019 was like the Prätschalp-cross-country skiing trail in Arosa

Difficult. Very difficult. It was one of the most demanding cross-country trails in my life.

The year 2019 reminds me of my cross-country skiing trip in Arosa on 31 December 2019. I have been to Arosa a few times and I have also been cross-country skiing there before. On New Year’s Noon I decided to go cross-country skiing. I could not motivate anyone else to do so. Never mind. The day was wonderful, the sun was shining as if it was a competition of brightness. The snow conditions were good.

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From summer through to autumn I went to the lake quite often. There’s nothing more wonderful to me than swimming, canoeing or sailing outdoors, on the water. The vastness of the sea, it’s movement, it’s quite a meditative matter even though it actually is quite physically demanding. I then saw this little group on the grass next to the lake again and again. Up to thirty people practising yoga.

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