The year 2019 was like the Prätschalp-cross-country skiing trail in Arosa

Difficult. Very difficult. It was one of the most demanding cross-country trails in my life.

The year 2019 reminds me of my cross-country skiing trip in Arosa on 31 December 2019. I have been to Arosa a few times and I have also been cross-country skiing there before. On New Year’s Noon I decided to go cross-country skiing. I could not motivate anyone else to do so. Never mind. The day was wonderful, the sun was shining as if it was a competition of brightness. The snow conditions were good.

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Shanghai versus Hong Kong

I visited both cities for the first time. And even though I had heard and read quite a few things about them, retrospectively I was not prepared for any of them.

All acquaintances adored Hong Kong. Perhaps my expectations were too high because of that but I was disappointed. Hong Kong in December was cold, loud, unfriendly and hectic. The masses of people, pushing and little vitality made me sad and upset. Countless times small dealers molested me on the street, tried to sell me watches and tailored suits. Read More »