Zoology once again

I am friends with Michelle. She is married to David and they have a little 1-year old daughter. Michelle and David met at the rowing club. They love rowing together, but with a toddler it is almost impossible.

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The mouse

During the holidays we visited my mother. It is a small village in the middle of the forest. The house was built in 1906. The stable is built from stones, in the cellar there is a spring. However the house has been converted and offers modern comfort. In this hot summer with continuous temperatures of above 30 degrees, the old building which is shadowed from two sides by large trees, turned out to be a blessing.Read More »

The mice

After 8 years we had to give our turtle away. My younger daughter had difficulties to accept that Vroni and Guido were no longer living with us and constantly besieged me that she would like to have a new pet.

I refused dogs, cats and parrots, but when she asked whether she could have two castrated mice, I started to consider the idea.Read More »