Michaela Merz

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Loneliness of a working mum

81599_web_R_by_moschnifoto_pixelio.deWhen the job of the hermit in the Tamina canyon was advertised, seven people come forward despite the rather low salary. I can understand it. I am almost never alone respectively the few minutes of being alone have to be planned meticulously and strictly implemented. Continue reading

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In 20 minutes to the airport and return

My father had come to visit me. A gentleman over the age of 70 without any knowledge of foreign languages, not really used to fly. Instead a true gentleman, one of the kind which is in danger of extinction. He keeps the door open so that a woman can enter, he holds a woman’s coat for her to put on and he carries bags, the suitcase, and the shopping bags, as representative of the strong sex. I appreciate and enjoy it very much. Continue reading