The bank parties

539487_web_r_k_b_by_rainer-sturm_pixelio-deIda was jobbing. This was the only way she could earn the money she needed for her studies. The restaurant, where she worked, was situated idyllically at the edge of town, with a breath-taking view, surrounded by woods, meadows and vegetable gardens. It was a popular excursion site for the  townspeople.

But it wasn’t exclusive. For the tenants of the restaurant sustainability and authenticity were more important than profit and luxury. All of this created a unique atmosphere, where at Sunday brunch scarcely two plates were identical, and where all leftovers were processed or given away. Ida loved her job, although it was really backbreaking. One joked and flirted with the guests, one laughed a lot and valued the mutual honesty.Read More »


IMG_20160811_190224I have no idea why I am drawn as if by magic to wind and water. It just happens.

I have respect for water, but never fear. Despite the drastic methods, the first swimming course, to which my parents had sent me, did not succeed in diluting my love for water. I can remember a screaming trainer, who had thrown us into the deep-end and insisted that we swim to the other side of the pool to gain confidence. That was difficult, because we didn’t really know how to do so. Read More »

The luxury of a second repetition

When it gets cold, foggy and depressive in the midlands, I love to go to the sauna, to stretch on the wooden bench and to let the warmth rise in the body. It is wonderful to enjoy the slight light-headedness from the warmth and from not being able and not having to do anything.Read More »

The night at Kempinski hotel

I am not one of those people who have seen a large number of 5 star hotels in this world but I have a clear picture that these 5 stars should represent exalted hospitality and luxury. The wishes should be read from the guest’s eyes.Read More »