Street party

I moved from the area ten years ago. There had been no reason to go back in the meantime. As far as the location was concerned, it was wonderfully quiet but off the beaten track. And therefore in the last ten years I have passed through probably only about half a dozen times. On a single occasion, more than five years ago I met my former neighbour in a shop.

Last Saturday there was a party there. It was advertised on sheets, which were displayed in the area. I would never have heard about it, unless my oldest daughter, informed by her childhood friends, who still live locally, had taken me with her. Not much had changed in the area. It was as if I had returned from a long vacation. Read More »

The last choice

On Sunday I enjoyed the sunshine in a small café beside the lake. My youngest was playing in the play area close by and I had one of those infrequent moments, when I could just watch the people around me aimlessly.Read More »

Flat share

484814_web_R_by_Dieter Schütz_pixelio.deIt started some time ago. Sometime a friend, a professor at university, asked me whether I would have a room for a Chinese student for 6 months. I had a free bedroom but had never really considered whether I would like to rent it. My friend promised me that if it would not work out at all, the student would move to the couch of her doctoral Supervisor.Read More »