Learning French

I had wanted to learn French for ages. To finally understand the “Grand Nation” in all its nuances, to be able participate, to read Victor Hugo and Maupassant in original. But it seems that fate begrudges me this.

The first serious attempt was when the SBB tendered a large project 15 years ago. For the success of the project it was necessary to speak French.Read More »


I always wished that my parents would speak different mother tongues and I would grow up with them in a different country. At best someone with again a different language would have lived in our household. That way I could have learned several languages without accent along the way.

Unfortunately I grew up monolingual. 

When travelling one sees many things. During my holidays in Thailand I met Maria. Maria is 75 years old and lives in Australia. More than 50 years ago a young man, who had emigrated to Australia on his search for work, visited the Italian village where she was living. Read More »