Invoice correction may have a retroactive effect, German Supreme Tax Court says

319466_web_r_k_b_by_stephan-bratek_pixelio-deIn Brief

The German Supreme Tax Court (Bundesfinanzhof, BFH) has joined the European Court of Justice’s (ECJ) position in terms of the retroactive correction of invoices and has accordingly changed its jurisdiction. At least an invoice correction with a correction document has retroactive effect to the date of initial issuing of the invoice. Read More »

Germany – 13th directive refund applications to be done only electronically as from 1 of July 2016

Germany will require all VAT refund applications according to the 13th Directive to be made electronically for the calendar year 2016. Currently non-German businesses which are not registered for VAT purposes in Germany need to claim for VAT incurred in Germany by completing a paper application filed together with the other required documents such as the physical purchase invoices to the Federal Central Tax Office.Read More »

Romania – The New Fiscal Code – provisions entering into force as of 1 January 2016

I would like to inform you about the new amendments to the Romanian VAT legislation, which will enter into force as of 1 January 2016.

Please be informed that the most important change is the decrease of the standard VAT rate from 24% to 20% starting with 1 January 2016, and from 20% to 19% as of 1 January 2017. In addition to the above, please find below a selection of other VAT provisions entering into force starting with 1 January 2016 which may also be of interest:Read More »

Spain – new compliance system as from 1 of January 2017

According to the wording of the draft bill version the new VAT compliance system will be compulsory as from January 1st 2017.

The main features of this new VAT compliance system, according to the wording of the existing draft legislation, are as follows:

It is a new VAT compliance system that consists of bookkeeping of the VAT ledgers through the electronic site of the Spanish Tax Authorities –STA- (“Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria”).Read More »

Czech Republic – control statement required as from 1 of January 2016

Technology - using an iPad inside PwC office, PwC NYC Technology-6.jpgStarting with the 1st of January 2016 all VAT payers registered in the Czech Republic will have to start submitting a new report – so called “control statement”. Control statement is a new report that all VAT payers registered in the Czech Republic will have to submit electronically in case they performed or received taxable supply with a place of supply in the Czech Republic after January 2016. Read More »

Poland – VAT changes as from 1 of January 2014

Time limit for issuing invoices
Based on current rules, invoices must be issued within seven days of the date of delivery of the goods/rendering of the service. According to the new rules, suppliers are obliged to issue invoices until the 15th calendar day of the month following the supply. Certain exceptions to this rule allow for a deadline of thirty, Read More »