Czech Republik – Introduction of general reverse charge as from 2020 probable

The Czech Republic has applied for the introduction of a generalised reverse charge system, which will apply to all supplies of goods and services in the Czech Republic worth over 17,500 euros (approx. 450,000 CZK). In such cases, the obligation to declare VAT will automatically be shifted from the supplier to the customer. The possibility of introducing this measure in local legislation is subject to compliance with the entry criteria stated in the Council Directive and to the final approval of the EU Council. If the Czech application is approved, the MoF estimates that changes to the Czech VAT Act will be effective starting from 1 July 2020 and lasting until June 2022.Read More »

India – GST Council rationalises GST rates on a wide ambit of goods and services in different sectors and recommends issuance of clarifications on rates and taxability

In its 25th meeting held on 18 January 2018, the GST Council has made many recommendations granting relief on the GST rates applicable on goods and services in many sectors. The Council has also recommended issuance of certain clarifications relating to GST rates and taxability of certain goods and services.Read More »