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OECD – BEPS project – Final report on Action 1: Addressing the Tax Challenges of the Digital Economy

Technology - using an iPad inside PwC office, PwC NYC Technology-6.jpgThe OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project started in 2013 amid growing concern of tax planning used by multinational enterprises (MNEs) to artificially reduce taxable income / shift profits to low tax countries by benefitting from discrepancies between country specific tax rules. Continue reading

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Switzerland underlines efforts to cooperate in exchange of financial account information in tax matters

PwC_Swiz_Zurich_R_MB_36.jpgOn 19 November, Switzerland signed the Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement in Tax Matters as 52nd jurisdiction. This is a further step in the country’s plan to activate automatic exchange of financial account information in tax matters with other countries. Continue reading