Zoology once again

I am friends with Michelle. She is married to David and they have a little 1-year old daughter. Michelle and David met at the rowing club. They love rowing together, but with a toddler it is almost impossible.

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Saving lives

With my youngest one we were on a bike tour. Suddenly we saw a large, almost black puddle, which was moving. We stopped and watched countless small black tadpoles how they were swimming to and fro and thus caused the movements we were watching. We were standing there, fascinated and captivated. There were so many small animals crowded on such close space. Read More »

My frog Drapatka

At high school I had a persistent admirer, who gave me a small frog for my birthday. The frog was transparent and one had to feed him with tiny bits of raw meat. He caught the meat with his front legs, lifted the piece and bit into it. One could see how the meat moved through his digestive tract. The bigger and fatter he grew, the less one could see. He continuously lived in the water and I kept him in a small aquarium in my room.Read More »