France – Tax Audit: New Obligations

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French Tax audit_New obligations_electronic submission of accounting entries_new penalties

Should you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact our PwC/Landwell specialists in France:Read More »

France – Obligation for electronic submission of accounting journal for non-resident entities registered for French VAT as well as French branches of foreign companies published on 24 of September 2014

People walking in a plaza/square  - PwC, Photo_RGB_C_2 44647.jpgForeign companies or their branches in France registered for VAT purposes in France have to provide the French tax authorities with their electronic accounting file. Non-resident entities registered for French VAT as well as French branches of foreign companies are not required to keep their accounts in French GAP as long as they are able to provide the French tax authorities with a correlation table between their charts of accounts and the French GAP. Read More »

France – VAT rate changes as per 1 of January 2014

The French tax authorities have reconfirmed in the recent Finance Bill that the VAT rate changes will take effect on 1 January 2014. The standard rate will increase from 19.6% to 20%. The intermediate rate will be increased from 7% to 10%. This rate will apply to various goods and services including restaurants and meals for immediate consumption, passenger transport, hotel accommodation, pharmaceutical products not reimbursed by social security and transfers of copyrights. Read More »

Learning French

I had wanted to learn French for ages. To finally understand the “Grand Nation” in all its nuances, to be able participate, to read Victor Hugo and Maupassant in original. But it seems that fate begrudges me this.

The first serious attempt was when the SBB tendered a large project 15 years ago. For the success of the project it was necessary to speak French.Read More »