The storm ‘Sabine’

I don’t like carousels, rollercoasters and the like. I get slightly envious of the fun that others experience because I don’t even get to reach that state. The reason being that my stomach and head can’t handle it. What brings others great contentment and a lot of fun, is mostly a torment for me and I don’t see why I should pay money for it. That is actually why I am a bad candidate for fairs. Unfortunately, my predicament goes even further. Chances are I will start to feel nauseous when I’m on water (even though I love water more than anything) because of the movement of the waves and on the bus and train I always only sit in the direction of travel to avoid my stomach getting irritated.

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How I missed professor Stiglitz’s presentation

I was meant to fly from London to Zurich on Thursday afternoon. With a bit of luck, I would manage to still get to see the end of Professor Joseph Stiglitz’s presentation (Nobel Memorial Prize Winner in Economic Sciences) at the University of Zurich. I knew it. It wasn’t going to work. My departure was planned from London City airport.

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I got silent

On the days where I travel to Portugal it would be better not to travel there. All my travels to or from Lisbon are affected by strikes with grim regularity. Once the public transport staff was on strike, the other time the aviation staff and this time the air traffic controller in France were on strike. And as one is crossing southern France and the choice of travel route is not all that flexible, my first flight at 6.20am was cancelled. And to catch such flight means getting up between 4 and 5am. Read More »

Good deed

I had a long flight behind me. Next to me sat a man of about my age. We did not know each other but we got along well from the start and had a good conversation. At one point I was so tired that I fell asleep. Suddenly I felt a light touch, which woke me. He had covered me because my small blanket had slipped on the ground. His touch was more accidentally than intended. Read More »

Flight Moscow – Zurich

I had already noticed the three men at the check-in. They were loud, laughing and talking loudly. In the plane they ended up one row in front of me. Three Russians. It was obvious that they had already been drinking. Their noise level increased. Eavesdropping was not necessary, their rude jokes could be heard several rows in front and behind of them, as long as one understood Russian.Read More »