Thoughtlessness in in the rope park

We had autumn holidays. It is still warm and sunny. We enjoy it with my little one (big one, by now 9 years old) outside with the bike, the canoe, on the stand-up paddleboard. My youngest one is a passionate climber, who cannot resist any tree. It is thus not surprising that he wanted us to visit a rope park.

The rope park in Gordola is within beautiful old trees. After careful instructions, equipped with helmet and gloves we went on our way. Read More »

The rage of the desperate

It is summer. Finally warm and we go to the outdoor swimming pool to swim and to play. Yesterday we witnessed an incredible scene. Two guys were fighting at the edge of the large pool. No, not really, it was not a proper fight. The smaller one defended himself and resisted and the taller, superior guy pushed him centimetre by centimetre closer to the water. Both were fully dressed and had bags in their hands.Read More »