Everybody a hero

We were swimming. On a Sunday afternoon, when it is drizzling outside, the sky is grey and the temperatures are very low, every indoor swimming pool in the city is full. So was it also that day. My youngest one (7) and I first found us for a bit of space in the non-swimmer pool. But playing was not so easy because there were so many people playing with balls, splashing, hitting each other and a large number of small girls with shrill voices, which they used mercilessly in full decibel force. After half an hour we simply had enough and changed to the diving platform.Read More »

Being visitor in the USA

Every now and then I am visiting the USA. Looked at from the outside, there are clichés, which should be buried.

Americans are fat

No, there are not! Sure there are places where there are more overweight people but during my last trips to San Francisco, Boston and New York this was not the case. I really had to make an effort to see at least a few of them. Read More »