Michaela Merz

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The weather that keeps everyone at home

The weather forecast for the weekend is bad. Snow down to 700 metres, rain in the lowlands, grey and even greyer. In the lowlands gale force gusts are forecast. Good weather for tidying up the cellar. But I can’t face that the whole weekend and therefore just before midday with my youngest we get ready for skating. Its blowing like crazy and today I would not have dared to go into the woods for fear that one of the trees might not be able to withstand this force. Continue reading

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Capsized again

324052_web_r_k_b_by_kerstin-littke_pixelio-deThe bay is large, huge. You need binoculars even to be able to identify correctly the small yachts at the far end of the bay. The coloured sails help, the white sails mix with the colour of the water and disappear. Continue reading