Swiss public votes NO – Financing of the AHV by increasing the VAT rate

At yesterday’s popular vote, the Swiss voters have refused to raise the VAT rates in order to finance old age pensions.

Since a temporary VAT rate increase from the past runs out, the VAT rates will actually decrease:Read More »

The job market – not always a just cause

Ivy was urged by her employer to take early retirement. Ivy didn’t want to, but her 35 years younger boss with a degree informed her that, if Ivy did not agree, they would probably have to dismiss her. Ivy’s boss said she must be aware that it was not her decision, but it came from the very top. She simply had to decrease head count by 10% and Ivy will be affected least, because she could in any case draw unemployment allowance until retirement.Read More »

Toll manufacturing creates a fixed establishment in Poland

A Polish court (i.e. the Administrative Court of Warsaw) ruled in one of its recent judgments toll manufacturing to create a fixed establishment for VAT in Poland.

A Finnish manufacturer of boats intended to extend its business activities to Poland. Before it started conducting business in Poland, it applied for a ruling to the Polish Ministry of Finance. Read More »