Serbia – Changes in the place of supply of services rules as from 1 of April 2017

735327_web_r_b_by_erich-westendarp_pixelio-deAt the end of 2016 the Serbian Parliament adopted important changes to the VAT law. As of 1 January 2017 foreign e-service suppliers are obliged to register for VAT in Serbia if they provide services for non-taxpayers.
Additionally, as of 1 April 2017 the general place of supply rules for services will be changed. Read More »

Danish Government enabled to request payment information from providers of payment solutions

Blog MMI 16_02_Katharina Wieland Müller_pixelio.deThe Danish Government has widened the Tax Authorities’ information collection powers, by enabling it to be able to request payment information in connection with foreign suppliers who supply goods via distance selling or supply electronic services to private individuals in Denmark. Read More »

Partial revision of the VAT Law in Switzerland – Lower VAT registration threshold for e-service providers is proposed

Photo_RGB_R_IST_D5_8969.jpgThe Swiss Federal Council has published its commentary to the partial revision of the VAT Law. If the draft legislation is approved by the Swiss parliament, the changes will come into effect on 1.1.2016.

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