Luna – the dog


It was about the turn of the century. The labour market in Zürich was as dry as a river bed in Africa before the great rains. My small team had been desperately looking for a commercially trained assistant. We were unable to offer a dream salary or prestige or any other fantastic benefits. Our trump card was a good team climate, respect and flexibility. But despite this no one replied to our adverts. My frustration was growing almost daily. When Natalie phoned and showed interest in the job, I was out of this world. She said that she would come for an interview but there was one condition, namely she could bring her dog Luna to the office. She also assured me immediately that her Luna was the best behaved dog on earth, never barked, obeyed her absolutely and beyond that was extremely loveable. Read More »

Encounter with an angel

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe rather sad summer continues with a rainy Saturday. I am on my way home and I am glad that it stopped raining. From the shrubbery a dog jumps out and shakes the water out which he probably got from the little stream. On the path is an elderly woman with a buggy but that one was empty. And suddenly from the thickest shrubbery a little blond angel with wellies, black leggings and an incredible smile crawls out. She is wet too but perhaps a little less than the dog. Read More »

The mice

After 8 years we had to give our turtle away. My younger daughter had difficulties to accept that Vroni and Guido were no longer living with us and constantly besieged me that she would like to have a new pet.

I refused dogs, cats and parrots, but when she asked whether she could have two castrated mice, I started to consider the idea.Read More »

Limits of freedom

My son has an incomprehensible panic-fuelled fear of dogs. Rationality does not help much there. We went to visits my mother’s sister for a few days, who has three lovely small dogs. The beginning was difficult but after two days the dogs and my son were best friends. His panic-fuelled fear towards unknown dogs had changed into friendly respect. I was very glad.

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