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Mexico – VAT obligation for none-resident companies providing electronic services

Amendment to  the current VAT Law and the federal fiscal code was submitted to the Chamber of Deputies on 5 of September. The aim is to amend the VAT Law in order to tax  services provided through digital platforms by none resident companies. In order words it means that foreign companies without any permanent establishment in Mexico providing services through platforms to customers domiciled in Mexico will be subject to VAT.  The bill mentions two options

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Belgium – Bitcoin Trading Exempt from VAT … for now

In a recent decision issued for an online Bitcoin trading platform, the Belgian tax authorities have confirmed that the trading of Bitcoins and other virtual currencies is similar to the activity of an intermediary and should therefore fall under the exemption included in the Belgium VAT Code for “negotiation concerning deposits, current accounts, debts, cheques and other negotiable instruments but excluding debt collection” . As a result, the activities should be at this moment treated as exempt from VAT. Continue reading