France – 13th directive deadline extended to 30th September 2020

The French VAT Authorities (FTA) have agreed to extend France’s 13th directive deadline to 30th September 2020 (from the normal due date of June 30th).

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Norway – SAF-T status update

The Standard Audit File for Tax is increasingly adopted within European countries. Even if SAF-T in Norway has been subject to preparatory works and an ongoing debate since 2014, it still raises a lot of questions due to lack of information from the tax authorities.Read More »

Saudi Arabia – VAT registration in KSA will start in September 2017

In brief

Saudi Arabian General Authority for Zakat and Tax (GAZT) announced that VAT registration will start in September 2017 and deadline for registration will vary depending on the size of the potential taxable businesses.Read More »

KSA – Update on the deadline for the registration

I would like to inform you about the following changes regarding the deadline of the registration:

The registration portal will open from 28th August after which point you have a few months to register ahead of VAT launch in January 2018. Read More »

Germany: Deadline for Requesting a Permanent Filing Extension for VAT Returns in 2016

744717_web_R_K_by_Jasmin Staab_pixelio.deThe German Finance Ministry now offers companies with VAT filing obligations in Germany the opportunity to request permanent filing extensions via its online portal ELSTERONLINE.

The permanent filing extension enables companies to postpone indefinitely their monthly/quarterly VAT return filing deadlines by one month.Read More »