India – Supreme Court holds that DRI officers not empowered to issue SCN when custom officer allows exemption from customs duties at the time of clearance

Recently, the Supreme Court held that officers of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) are not empowered to issue show cause notices (SCN) when the custom officer (of the Appraisal group) allows exemption from custom duties at the time of clearance. The Court also observed that only an officer that undertakes assessment can re-assess the issue and the term ‘the proper officer’ under section 28(4) of the Customs Act, 1962 (Customs Act) has to be understood as the same officer (designation) that had assessed the goods at the time of clearance. The Court also held that the entrustment of the functions of customs officers to the DRI vide notification issued under section 2(34) of the Customs Act is not proper.

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EU – Possible additional duties on products of US origin

The US has announced safeguard measures in the form of additional duties on imports of certain steel and aluminum products into the US. At the moment the implementation of these additional duties for products from the EU is postponed until June 1st 2018. As a counter measure, last week the EU published a commission implementing regulation: (EU) 2018/724. Read More »

Finland – cash flow friendly declaration of import VAT as from 1 of January 2018

Starting 1.1.2018 the Finnish Import VAT will need to be paid and reported to the Finnish Tax Administration instead of the Finnish Customs. The Finnish Customs has previously been the competent authority relating to the VAT on the importation of goods, but will no longer handle such matters starting next year (the exception being imports of goods by individuals and companies not being registered for VAT).Read More »