New York, once again

There are many beautiful places on this earth. There are places, where fascinating things happen, places with a special vibe, but New York is a class of its own.

I travel to New York to visit my clients. And it’s always the same deal: I know in advance, that I will work like crazy. That I will not get enough sleep and that my tiredness will rob me of my ability to think properly. All that scares me. But then I get to experience things, which are simply impossible to live anywhere else in the world.Read More »

Anyone can be a carpenter

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The Gewerbemuseum in Winterthur has a new exhibition of cupboards. Last Sunday one could learn to be a carpenter at speed and construct a small cupboard oneself. We all went there with my youngest. It snowed the whole day and the temperature was low. We were happy to arrive in the warmth of the museum. A small group of curious people gathered on the second Sunday in Advent for a carpentry afternoon.Read More »