Basler Läckerli (biscuits from Basel)

I’ll bake. I’ll cook. If I have to.

I’ve never enjoyed backing or cooking. Whenever I was meant to cook for myself I just ate raw food.

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Wild garlic

I find the plant fascinating. The first time I encountered it is years ago in my childhood. My best friend said then that she would take me to a secret place where a magic plant grows. But I mustn’t tell anyone and had to swear on the life of my parents. Whow, that was something! My fantasy began to run at high speed and I tried to imagine the place and the plant’s magical power. Colourful pictures of a jungle full of danger shot through my head and I felt as if I was in the presence of a magical herb that up to then had remained hidden from the world but has the power at a stroke to free the world of all diseases.Read More »