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Data analytics – PwC Switzerland’s position paper “Business Booster: Data Analytics”

Data and big data have been a hot topic for a while. The increased spread of the Internet in the past decades generated a wealth of data, which can be of tremendous value and it is essentially a new asset class for businesses, if utilized properly.

Data-savvy businesses are using data analytics to increase the speed and quality of their decision making process. Continue reading


Modernising VAT for cross-border e-commerce: Commission launches public consultation

The European Commission has launched a public consultation to help identify ways to simplify the Value-Added Tax (VAT) payments on cross-border e-commerce transactions in the EU.

This consultation is also part of the ongoing assessment of the new rules for VAT payments on cross-border telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services which came into force last January. Continue reading

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United Arab Emirates to introduce VAT

The UAE Ministry of Finance has conducted feasibility studies on the implementation of a VAT draft law. These studies on taxation and its social and economic implications were conducted for the following years: 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014. The studies analysed the impact of taxes on the growth of the regional economy and on the UAE’s global competitiveness. Continue reading

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Czech Republic – How to fight against tax evasion

About 100 selected tax officers from various parts of the Czech Republic are coming these days to “help Prague” and to support inspections of taxpayers falling within the scope of Prague Tax Offices. Those authorities have been known for struggling with a lack of time and staff for carry out limited or full tax inspections on a regular basis. As one would expect, this inspired plenty of businesses who on purpose registered their seat in Prague, which further worsened the issue. Continue reading

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Recovery of GST in New Zealand possible for non-resident businesses as from 1 April 2014

Currently, only non-residents who make taxable supplies in New Zealand are able to claim GST on their costs. As from 1 April 2014 non-residents who do not make taxable supplies in New Zealand will be able to register for GST under a special regime and to recover local GST.

In order to register under the new regime, the non-resident must: Continue reading

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Standard EU VAT Return: Easing life for businesses and improving tax compliance

A new standard VAT return, which can cut costs for EU businesses by up to €15 billion a year, has been proposed by the Commission on 23 October. The proposal still needs to be adopted by the Member States, and if everything goes well will go live on 1 January 2017. Continue reading