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VAT will influence the future of bitcoins

724739_original_R_by_Erwin Lorenzen_pixelio.deLearn more about about bitcoins!

•  what is bitcoin?

•  how do bitcoins work?

•  how do bitcoin payments work?

•  making e-payments

•  virtual currency schemes

•  and much more …

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CJEU is going to rule on the VAT treatment of bitcoins

PwC_R_Madelein.Henning_SouthAfrica_Jhb_P_CW_0006.JPGOn 2 June 2014, the Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden submitted a request for a preliminary ruling to the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) asking the CJEU to rule on whether the exchange of bitcoins for “fiat” currencies and vice versa is to be considered as a supply of service and if so, whether the exchange transactions of bitcoins fall within the scope of the exemptions for financial services. Continue reading

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Crypto currencies – UK – Call for information

PwC_R_Jolene.Visser_SouthAfrica_Jhb_P_CW_0013.JPGBritain’s overall position on crypto currencies can be described as liberal and progressive. London is Europe’s biggest financial hub and the government has tried to stay ahead of the curve in terms of regulations and business-friendly policies. Chancellor George Osborne announced a new initiative to explore the potential role of crypto currencies in Britain’s economy and also commissioned a report on the risks and benefits of embracing crypto currencies in August this year: Continue reading

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USA – tax regulation of bitcoins and other crypto currencies

IRS (internal revenue service), the US tax authority, published this year (March 25, 2014) a clear guidance (Notice 2014-21) on how the tax principles apply to transactions involving bitcoins and other crypto currencies. It is not a new law but just an interpretation of how the existing law should be applied to the new technology. It describes how Bitcoin and other crypto currencies transactions should be taxed. Continue reading

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Bitcoins and other virtual currencies

I am happy to share with you the attached documentations about Bitcoins either in German or English:

140902_Bitcoins EN

140912_Bitcoins DE

140912_PwC Digital Event

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Should you have any questions or need any advice in this regard please feel free to contact me.