Belgium – Will you change your supply chain to benefit from a VAT and duty free importation into Belgium?

As an effort to limit the impact of COVID-19, the Belgian government has introduced a temporary relief measure whereby certain goods imported into Belgium can benefit from a VAT and duty exemption.

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Belgium – tax measures in response to COVID-19

All those submitting VAT monthly returns – including those who do not have a monthly refund authorisation and who are not considered to be ‘starter’ either – will be able to benefit from an accelerated refund of the VAT credit on their current account (with effect from 31 March 2020) under the conditions set out below.

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Belgium: Tax measures in response to COVID-19

The Belgian government will offer fiscal relief to companies that can prove that they have payment difficulties as a result of the corona crisis.

Such companies are given the option to spread their VAT payments, professional withholding tax payments and the payments of corporate income taxes. They are also exempt from the usual fines and default interest.

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Belgium – Bitcoin Trading Exempt from VAT … for now

In a recent decision issued for an online Bitcoin trading platform, the Belgian tax authorities have confirmed that the trading of Bitcoins and other virtual currencies is similar to the activity of an intermediary and should therefore fall under the exemption included in the Belgium VAT Code for “negotiation concerning deposits, current accounts, debts, cheques and other negotiable instruments but excluding debt collection” . As a result, the activities should be at this moment treated as exempt from VAT. Read More »

PwC Global Billing Conference – Brussels

107563-On 21 October 2014, PwC will be organising the sixth edition of our Global Billing Conference, which will be held in Brussels and provide a 360° view on invoicing. Building further on five successful editions of the event, PwC Belgium, PwC Netherlands and PwC Germany will join forces to boost the conference’s international renown and reach.Read More »

Belgium – changes as of 1 of October 2012 in connection with ET 14000 licence

Section 5, §3 of Belgian Royal Decree no. 7 provides the opportunity that the payment of VAT due on importation of goods can be shifted to the periodic VAT return. Instead of payment of the VAT to the Customs Authorities only declaration is done. Read More »