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Poland – Standard Audit File (Jednolity Plik Kontrolny) to be introduced as per 1 of July 2016

748722_original_R_by_verbraucherpapst_pixelio.deAccording to the changes in Polish tax law, which will come into force as of 1st July, there will be a new obligation for the taxpayers to have so called Standard Audit File (in Polish: “Jednolity Plik Kontrolny” or “JPK”) – special reporting form, in a special format [determined by Polish tax authorities] that will allow tax inspectors to have an easy access to accounting / tax data / records. Continue reading

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Germany – special VAT audits generated 2.3 billion Euro of additional revenue in 2012

According to the statistics records of the highest financial authorities of the federal states in Germany, the special VAT audits carried out in 2012 generated in the field of VAT an additional income of 2.3 billion Euro. The revenue generated by VAT inspectors taking part in general tax audits or in audits of tax fraud investigations are not included in this additional income. Continue reading