We should do more to protect the environment

As so often I had arrived too early for my appointment. I hate it when someone comes too late! So I was able to sit outside in the beautiful weather and drink coffee and read the newspaper. A light breeze was blowing, the sun was already up but not yet really hot and the day was awakening to its daily bustle.

I worked my way through the Business Section and then my attention was drawn to a short article with an impressive picture of Miss Switzerland, Jastina Doreen Riederer, in the Jet-Set Section of the paper. I must say that I don’t have much time for the concept of a Miss Switzerland. It’s great if someone has the genetic gift of looking good, but how that should qualify someone to offer a leading opinion on all possible different topics, is beyond my comprehension.

This picture-perfect (and she does look really great) Jastina is spending her vacation on the Maldives and from the Maldives she is sending us the message that we should do more for the environment. She herself was setting a good example, because in the morning she fetches her Gipfeli by cycle – when she is not staying on the Maldives.Read More »