How to grow old

I’ve read that people are not afraid of death, but of dying and actually it’s about the fear of the pain and the strangeness. It’s similar with getting older. I don’t think people are afraid of old age. Getting older brings a lot of positive things with it.

You know yourself and don’t have to prove anything to yourself or others (not everyone, but probably the majority). Experience allows you to make decisions that would not have been possible when you were younger, and the social network you have built up over the years is so strong that you can’t fall. Those who enjoy learning throughout their lives learn new things and keep up with the latest technological developments well into old age. Old age then brings with it some physical ailments and dwindling energy. For some, also limited mental flexibility. The fear of old age is more a fear of the negative consequences it brings.

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Valdemar deceives

Valdemar is going to be 80 years old in three years. He owns a little house, which he inherited from his mother. It is located near the mountains in the shadow of a forest. He enjoys being there. His pension is small but Valdemar is content and even managed to put some money aside. As he habitually says, the money’s meant for old age.

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We are not twenty anymore

755905_web_R_K_B_by_Rainer Sturm_pixelio.deEvery time I hear about the death or severe illness of someone of my age, I am shocked. As if age could protect us. The opposite is true: The older you get, the higher the probability for death or illness.
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