The lost grandmother

61657_web_r_by_matthias-weggel_pixelio-deI wasn’t late at all. I was perfectly on time for my next meeting when a woman approached me to ask if I could give her directions. She was looking tor Regina Kägistrasse. I had no idea.

The lady was about 80 years old, she was wearing a hat covering her curly, grey and white hair. Her eyes were light blue, like a blurry sea.

She reminded me a lot of my beloved grandmother, who has left us a long time ago. I had no clue where the street could be and I didn’t have much time to spare. But who would help her, if not me.

I asked her to wait a moment. Google Maps instructed me, that she’d only had to walk straight on for seven minutes and then take the street to her right to reach her destination. I explained this to her, she thanked me and I went to get my car from the underground parking. As I got out on the street and turned right, I saw her walking down the sidewalk – in the wrong direction.

It was a foggy day and bitterly cold. I stopped my car in the middle of the street, ran towards her and offered to drive her. She was relieved and grateful. She got into my car, we worked out the seat belt and took off toward Regina Kägi street. Just in time, as there was already a long line of cars behind mine.

A couple of minutes later, we arrived at her destination, I helped her to get out of the car and drove off to my meeting. Yes, I was late. But that didn’t matter to me today. There are more important things in life than being on time.

Image source: Matthias Weggel  /

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