Wadu has a problem

405672_web_r_k_b_by_manfred-schimmel_pixelio-deUntil yesterday the world was still in order. But today his girlfriend came to him and said that she wanted a child. Wadu likes children, but he doesn’t want any of his own. That’s what they agreed 6 years ago when they moved in together.


Wadus girlfriend will be 38 in February. Earlier she also didn’t want children, but now she does.

Wadu thinks of his brother’s two children and why they are not enough. One can borrow them, when one wants, to play, for an excursion, to go to a football match. But then one can give them back and have one’s peace.

Wadu is at a loss and feels betrayed. They were in agreement that life is good without one’s own children. And together they have a great life. A nice apartment, a lot of travel, friends, freedom. With a child that is all a thing of the past. The television room would have to become the nursery, for expensive trips there won’t be enough money and free time will be full of obligations.

Wadu doesn’t want to. But his girlfriend has told him that, if he doesn’t cooperate, she’ll be artificially inseminated in Spain. A child without a proper father.

Wadu suffers. He wants to keep her, together they have it so good, but the price seems to be too high.

Wadu doesn’t want to make a decision, but time is running out for her. If he doesn’t say Yes, it is a No and that is also a decision. Wadu moves out.

Five years later he meets his ex-girlfriend, as she crosses the road by the station with a small blond boy. They greet each other joyfully.

Wadu feels a small pain in his heart. The boy could be his son, if he had then said Yes.

Then he walks more quickly in order to go bowling with his colleagues. Obligations in his free time is not for him.

Image source: Manfred Schimmel  / pixelio.de

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