PwC – Reshaping the Tax Function of the Future

The world is changing at a very high speed. Basics, which were valid yesterday, will become obsolete tomorrow. Rarely does a day pass without an article about taxes appearing in one of the world’s leading newspapers – and, more often today than in the past, these articles appear on the front pages of these newspapers. This is a sign of the ever-increasing impact of taxes in our world today. The extremely important topic of taxes appears on agendas at the board of company director level as well as at the governmental level: as an example in the EU’s negotiations with Greece in connection with proposed economic restructuring of the country. Transparency, BEPS, digitalisation and automation are the main topics coming to mind when we speak about taxes. The tax function in most large companies will have to adapt to all of these and other changes. In five years’ time, the tax function will look very different to that which we know today. Have a look at this short video in order to understand better the changes awaiting us.

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