My new job

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo sail a catamaran 16 on the sea requires quite some experience, even if one only sails along the shore. I learnt to have a lot of respect of the sea and even more respect at places which I don’t know. Currents, sudden changes in weather, unpredictable winds can cause bad surprises, which are truly challenging. When travelling I often observe that I don’t share this opinion with many people. Always again when I watch the negligent behaviour of swimmers in the sea, I am astonished about the luck many people have.

During the holidays in Thailand I rented every morning a catamaran and curved to and fro in the bay, if the wind was good. After two hours I was usually exhausted but very happy and returned to the shore. Two men dressed in bathing shorts and the obligatory life vests took over the catamaran from me. Judging from the volume of their bellies, they pursued society life more regularly than excessive sports but one should meet people without prejudices. None of them was wearing a cap and I was wondering how they would bear the blazing heat at noon on the water. Already when they cast off, it became clear that they had more courage than experience. But somehow they managed and sailed away. I watched them for a long time because their manoeuvres not just appeared very clumsy but also gave the impression that the guys had no clue about sailing. Sailing in one direction provided that the wind does not turn or mean gale forces come up can also be done by a not so experienced sailor but returning to the place where one started requires more than just luck.

When the guys were very far away from the shore on the open sea they probably wanted to turn. Just that a sailing boat is not a car where one can turn the steering wheel into the desired direction. They tried it and capsized. That’s not dramatic and also happens to experienced sailors, just they know how to right a capsized boat. These guys did not know that and when trying to right the boat, they managed to turn turtle. This means to turn the boat completely – mast with the sail under water and the floating body towards the sky. It was obvious that they could not help themselves.

The Thai lessor who had watched everything worriedly with the binocular said to me in English that he had to go to them and that I should take care of the rental station. He called a guy who was renting jet-skis at the beach and went with him to the capsized catamaran. As soon as he was gone, people started to come and wanted to rent equipment. Most of them were Russians. I rented canoes, explained how to stand on and use a paddling board, gave first instructions on how to use a surf board, take up the sail and to tack. Most of all my customers were enthusiastic about my Russian language skills. No, I don’t have such Russian vocabulary to be able to give complete and precise instructions for all water sports but I know enough to explain it well enough so that the people could do it correctly. My guests paid, I cashed and gave it into the cashier. No, I did not know how much the lessor would have charged because there was no price list but I estimated the price and the guests paid.

It was nice and I enjoyed it. I had very much fun. I was asked whether the station belongs to me, always where I learnt to speak Russian and I even received tips!! I was much too busy to watch what happened with the capsized boat. I only saw that it had been righted again and slowly returned, this time with three men on board and the lessor in control.

When they came back I returned the station to the lessor, explained to him what I had rented for how much and he seemed to be satisfied. The two young men made off. In the evening in my favourite bar I saw the two stranded guys again. Boasting they told the girls about their adventure, in which in the evening with a drink they appeared as heroes, no word about their failure.

I know that a water sports station at a nice place of this earth would really be a job alternative for me. I have already advertised it in Russia.

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