Something has happened

Photo_RGB_PC_48238.jpgPeople walking near parked cars on a street - PwCI went to the concert of Pharrell Williams. I was really enjoying it. His song “Happy” made me feel well. A few sounds and a voice and the world looked better. I took the car and had to back into a parking space on the right in a steep road. I never said that I am good at it but after so many years driving the car I developed a strategy how to park successfully despite the missing three-dimensional vision.

But it was really challenging because the space between the two cars was very short. On the sidewalk next to the car in the back stood and talked two men and three about 15 years old boys were walking up the road.

My first, second and also my third attempt did not work out. The three boys positioned themselves next to the parking space and also the two men stopped talking and watched me. The boys laughed I could not hear what they were saying but it was obvious that it was addressed to me. And look there, it did not unsettle me at all. This was also new for me because in the past I put myself under pressure in these situations. And this day was a first, the laughter about my inability did not matter at all to me and the fourth attempt worked out perfectly. I was proud and very relaxed.

The boys walked on disappointed, perhaps they had hoped for damage on the auto body, perhaps they had thought that I would drive away. Then one of the grown-ups, who until then had also watched me with interest, went to the car behind me and drove away.

Parking into a row remains an exciting adventure for me also in the future but from now own I will look forward to this adventure very relaxed.

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